Custom Car Loader Documentation

This guide is written for version 2+ of CCL, for Derail Valley Simulator

How do I install Custom Car Loader?

If you don't already have Unity Mod Manager, download it from Nexus Mods and install it using the "Doorstop Proxy" method. The installation instructions can be found on the Nexus page - after following these steps, leave the mod manager running. Next, download the latest version of Custom Car Loader mod file from Nexus and drag-and-drop it into the "Mods" tab of the mod manager. If successful, CCL should appear in the mod list and give a status of "OK." You can now close the mod manager and launch Derail Valley.

How do I add new cars and locomotives to my game?

To install a car, simply download the zipped car, and drag and drop the file into the Unity Mod Manager "Mods" tab, the same method as installing CCL described above. The car should appear in the list and have a status of "OK". Cars that were built for Overhauled will not work with the Simulator version of CCL.

Be aware that if you have an out-of-date version of CCL, it will not attempt to load cars that were created with a newer version - make sure to check if there is a newer version if a car appears to be missing from in-game.

How do I create my own car or locomotive?

The other pages of this guide deal with how to create custom cars and locomotives. If you have never used the CCL creator package before, check out the Custom Car Crash Course for a quick tutorial of getting a simple car into the game. 

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