Custom Car Loader Documentation:

Bogie Structure:

  • [colliders]
    • [collision]
      • (Component: BoxCollider) *
    • [walkable] **
      • walkable_deck
        • (Component: BoxCollider)
      • walkable_capsule
        • (Component: CapsuleCollider)
    • [items]
      • seems like children are copy of [walkable] - if these are excluded from the prefab, CCL will use a copy of [walkable]
    • [camera dampening]
      • GameObject_1
        • (Component: BoxCollider) - unsure of purpose
    • [bogies] **
      • (Component: CapsuleCollider)
      • (Component: CapsuleCollider)
  • [cab]
    • teleport_indicator
      • (Components: MeshFilter & MeshRenderer) - this is the mesh that will be displayed when hovering the mouse over the cab
    • collider
      • (Component: BoxCollider) - trigger for cab teleport indication, must have isTrigger = true to not break cab interior!

[collision] Collider:

This seems to be the general bounds of the car, enclosing the main mesh, and is used for the spawner/clear car outlines

[walkable] Colliders:

Children of the [walkable] transform define the player's collision bounds for the car; this is generally more detailed than [collision] and can include details like the buffer posts.

[bogies] Colliders:

Bogie colliders are required for custom bogies, since they won't be copied from the base car type. These consist of two CapsuleCollider components on the [colliders].[bogies] transform. The capsules sit centered on the bogie, running transverse to the car (round ends pointing out toward rails). The radius and width are set up to match up with the wheel riding surfaces if the capsule was centered around an axle.

Proper bogie collider shape

To automatically align bogie colliders, select your car livery and click the "Align Bogie Colliders" button at the bottom of the inspector.

Proper bogie collider alignment

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